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by | Jul 3, 2020

While we are still learning what works for you the most, bringing a richer experience your way with every update is something we at Flujo love as much as we love Churros and hot chocolate. 

Although the Flujo Calendar was meant to be the rockstar of this update—our engineers haven’t been any less passionate about giving your workspace an overhaul.

Here are some of the evident changes we’ve made to your workspace. 

Simplified Header with an all new Home

Some of your most frequently used buttons now have a new address. If you are an existing Flujo user, you will notice this change at first glance.

It must be already evident to you that the most essential buttons that you end up clicking a couple of dozen times every day are now a lot more prominent than earlier. 

What’s Tac doing there you ask? Tac loves playing fetch, so he’s in charge of fetching the right resource to help you—the next you run into trouble.

The App Drawer still does the same what its name suggests. However, you will see a new Home icon on the left. Home is where most of us will be starting our days in the upcoming days. 

Your Home is the fastest way of having a peek at your entire day. Guess, what? The same home is going to get a lot more colorful and powerful in the next update we have in store for you. In the same Home, you will be able to get a glimpse of your Tasks, Kanban Cards, Reminders, and Birthdays of your teammates in beautifully arranged colorful cards. 

Improved text input bar

We can’t stress enough on the fact that user feedback is something that takes the front seat on any given day at Flujo. We learned from a lot of our users that they would prefer the input bar to be a tad bit bigger to accommodate those occasional long messages we all share at times. 

That’s why we have replaced the input bar with a collapsible field which can now give you clear visibility of your multi-line messages. 

Workspace Settings

Owing to the over UI improvements and the changes we have made to the header bar in order to provide you a cleaner experience—the workspace settings have now been moved to a collapsible dropdown menu, right next to your workspace name. 

Introducing right-click options

You can now choose to mute notifications from a specific person or an entire team, and even exit from a team—directly by right-clicking on your conversations.

You can learn more about all these features at our Help Center. Every feature on Flujo is carefully crafted to help you and your teams stay productive. Share your feedback with us by hitting on the little purple bubble you see on the bottom right of your screen or by tweeting @flujohq.

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