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by | Dec 21, 2020

A complete transition from a physical classroom to a virtual one was never expected. Handling books, assignment papers, and all the records in a tangible way are way different than doing it in a digital way. 

Since online education misses out on the human interaction factor, it shouldn’t further miss out on quality. Students as well as the faculty desire a distance learning hub that brings all the aspects of your academic background under the same roof.

With Flujo, set up a learning platform and distance learning environment in no time with ease. When you have all your resources in one place, being engaged and connected while taking the remote route feels like everything is perfectly taken care of.

All Your Classroom Discussions

For the Students

Create different targeted groups to discuss subjects related to studies as well as extracurricular activities so that your peers’ focused zone remains the same. Create groups for group projects to make the students informed and abreast of the ongoing changes.

Bring together groups for current ongoing events that help you engage with clubs like the community newspaper, student association, hobby groups & Interest groups. Groups like these allow you to socialize and engage in conversations just like the way you did at the campus.

For the Faculty

Create groups to manage academics, student performance records, and career advising. Discuss and share files containing confidential and sensitive information with your colleagues.

Use announcement groups to discuss the change in plans, the flow of the coursework, staff meeting agenda, syllabus, etc.

A large number of people in one space calls for more conversations. Use threads to follow up with messages in a flash meanwhile use stars and flags to earmark important messages that deserve to stand out amidst the endless academic ongoings.

Professors can ask students for feedback to make the remote learning process more conducive to the student’s preferences while also addressing potential issues.

Impactful Ideas To Share With Everyone

Thanks to the infinite strength of the university, it’s impossible to keep everyone updated one by one. Circulate important circulars, syllabus, class schedule, and upcoming webinars in Topics so that every student can refer to them at their own convenience. Make the course material available to a large number of students without resorting to emails.

Support topics by leaving comments and reacting to the topic, so that the Topics never go unheard.

Share the course guide, handbooks, career internship documents, and rules regarding the projects or assignments.

Be Aligned With Your Schedule

Schedule class sessions, project submissions, assignment deadlines, and dates for online examinations on the Flujo Calendar, and be reminded of your important commitments and deliverables for the day at a glance.

Set reminders for Parent-teacher conferences/meetings. Layout new plans as schedules change with semesters.

Your Virtual Classroom

What better way for classes to commence other than Video calls?

With Flujo’s Google meet and Jitsi integrations, getting to your classes is way easier than actually getting to the university. Post virtual class links in the relevant groups for varied classes and subjects.

Host virtual events, webinars, plan the curriculum and plan virtual get together for various clubs.

Drive With An Infinite Storage

For the Students

Replacing heaps of papers is our drive feature!

Save relevant study material, lesson notes, assignments, sample papers, and reference materials without having to worry about the storage.

Research project details are something you sure cannot afford to lose, save them to the drive without thinking twice.

For the Faculty

Keep a track record of students’ performance reports and module progresses.

It comes as no surprise that research projects need to be preserved well till the end of the year for a final revision. Save and share the entire batch’s data with your colleagues with the drive feature.

Save students’ details that need to be tracked throughout the year for future reference.

Plan & Visualize All Academic Activities

For the Students

Visualize the progress and the ongoings and phases of the group project. Set due dates to keep track of when the task is due, thereby helping the team to finish the project at the right time.

Add doc links to the card for details and specificities. In order that the conversations regarding the tasks remain at the same place rather than being scattered to all places, comment on the respective kanban card for better reflection and understanding.

For the Faculty

Balance class schedules, lesson plans, coursework planning, faculty collaboration, classroom organization.

Create a curriculum and plan the syllabus with the help of kanbans. Assign subjects and assignments to teachers and make sure they are complete in the right timeline by setting due dates.

Filter and sort the cards with the help of tags to get your hands on what you need the most promptly. Limit the number of cards if the tasks exceed your working capacity.

Notes & Other Productivity Add-ons

Take notes, no matter how lengthy or pint-sized. Keep a track of the lecture notes for both student and teacher.

Easily share the saved notes, links, and files. Set Reminders to never forget any submissions.

Let Tac (Bot Assistant) get you all the updates from meetings, calender & kanbans.


Just because all the action happens on your computer screen doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on quality and the way things work.

Handling academics virtually have never been easy, be it working from any corner of the world. With Flujo we just tried to make that experience more smooth.

Happy Learning!

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