How Human Resource Teams Can Use Flujo

by | Dec 14, 2020

Human resource executives can’t afford to have their heads buried under endless paperwork. While times are changing, so should our modes of work! 

With the changing norms at workplaces, HR executives have their hands full more than ever to keep up with the current waves. Ensuring a smooth transition is still understated.

Below we take you through how HR teams can use a team collaboration tool like Flujo to manage all your daily workflows.

Let Messages Flow To The Right People With Team Messenger

Don’t let calling and waiting for the managers to revert slow you down. Unlike emails, quick messenger notifications help to address a question or to request feedback, promptly.

With direct messages, communicate confidential reports and employee data directly to the managers. Targeted messages allow you to share the details of the specific employee only with them and not with anyone else.

Use the group chats for general team announcements to spread the word collectively to everyone in the workspace at the same time. Make different groups for constant coordination across various teams.

Celebrate group successes, briefs about development and training programs. Approvals from stakeholders, guest users, and members from other departments don’t need to wait either. With customized groups, reach a decision quickly.

Store All The Supersized Data With Drive

No matter the size of your team, with Flujo’s 100 GB drive, save supersized files with employee details, past performance records, etc.

The considerable saving capacity, keep a track record of leave requests, payslip details, compensations, CV’s and offer letters. Needless to say, you might need any of the documents at any given time, it’s best to have them handy, to say the least.

For daily references, save important information like monitoring meeting attendance, circulars, warnings, etc. Keeping company policies updated and ready to share when the need be.

Calling To Host All Virtual Interviews

Recruiting from a large global talent pool is easier and possible, thanks to remote communication tools. Make acquaintance with the remote recruited employees via video calls.

Touch base with the executives regarding basic details of before and after the recruitment processes for multiple roles.

Promptly discuss performance reports and records with employees individually while also keeping the manager in the loop. Hop on a quick call with employees if their details change and need to be updated. A quick talk will help update the information and clear out the air. Quickly discuss and define interview processes with those in the panel.

Visualize All Your Workflows with Kanbans

New Hires Onboarding Process

Prepare an Onboarding Process Kanban as a reference for all the New Hires, so that they don’t feel lost and instead experience a smooth onboarding.

Better visualization of your Recruitment Pipeline

Keep the recruitment pipeline better visible to the managers and stakeholders with Kanbans in Flujo. With due dates assigned, make sure everything is running right on time.

Coordinate with the hiring team/managers and interviewers to get a quick picture of the recruitment phase from start to finish while also keeping an eye on potential candidates.

Save and store the specifications of the employees in the same place instead of flipping pages from mammoth files. For example – date of hire, experiences, qualifications, location, and agreed on CTC. Give the candidates tags for the position they have applied for and attach a job description so that the process is clearer for everyone in the panel. 

Sieve the cards with customizable tags and sort and prioritize them to your convenience by arranging them according to your preference. So when the time is ripe to pick the right one for your firm, you can scan through the long list with ease.

Talking of long lists, assign cards to different managers in the recruitment committee to break the process into manageable chunks, swifter and easy-going so that you don’t have to go through them one after the other.

Keep Your Employees Updated With Company Policies with Topics

Keeping company policies updated and easily accessible to every employee who wishes to review them while also making training programs streamline and fast track.

Collect and organize documents and handbooks from the company handbook and make policies, processes known to everyone, with Topics in Flujo.

Help the new hires learn the ropes with a centralized resource to keep everyone on the same page.

Inform the new employees of the ways of working, internal resources, and the structure of the firm. Share documents, policies, ideas that add value and team agenda and make the new hires feel like a part of the company. Given the new current scenario craft WFH policies and the requirements and expectations of the firm and share them for everyone to view.

Calendar, Notes & Other Productivity Add-ons.


With Calendars, keep an eye on the big picture. Pick a month and glance through your work commitments for the month in a flash.


Set reminders for weekly and quarterly reviews.

Set reminders to audit employee reports and getting in contact with them whenever needed.

Set reminders on messages to make sure you don’t accidentally skip out on addressing any employees’ grievances or responding to any questions.


Manage interview notes and deliverables with Quick Notes. Store the details and specifications of a team or individual members in notes and easily share them with the managers in a click.

Create and save templates, that can be used when you need to forward it to a large number of people, without the need to waste time crafting them at the 11th hour.


Balancing stability, and delivering results with continuous improvements is only possible with the right tools in place.

Make sure to try out Flujo, for more transparent, organized, and targeted HR workflow patterns.

Happy Working!

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