How To Make Your Remote Teams More Productive

by | Oct 1, 2020

When we say teamwork makes the dream work, it doesn’t really happen by itself. To make substantial contributions, remote employees are supposed to be empowered with the appropriate team communication apps.

With the modus operandi of work transitioned to the online route, handling teams to be more productive is taken to another level. When everybody in the world is sent back to their homes to work, the tangible files, watercooler chat sessions, and face-to-face interactions have all been transformed and restarted from square one. 

With all these aspects gone, firms are now able to streamline their workflows profoundly.

As firms adjust, employees also adapt to WFH communication tools that, needless to say, turns out to be a learning curve for them.  

No doubt, the actual workspace environment cannot be replaced by all things virtual. The challenge to make remote teams more productive while they sit in the comfort of their homes amidst multiple distractions still remains. Such distractions may have effects and changes that aren’t even apparent upfront, yet are making significant shifts in productivity and growth levels. 

Chores that are right in front of your eyes and ask for immediate attention can hardly go unnoticed along with requests of getting work done at the correct deadline. Due to the almost invisible divide between personal and professional zones, It is quite easy to drift away in the sea of “not-so-urgent” errands and hence the result – dwindling quality of work!

Though WFH collaborations do come in with the additional benefits of flexible work timings and maintaining work-life balance, remote employees still have it hard to deal with assignments without any face to face interactions with employees they usually turned up to help for. The objective of team collaboration apps is not just to make remote work possible but also to simplify communication with WFH tools that make sticking to the tasks more manageable. 

When the world has better alternatives for almost everything, connecting people across enormous distances is not a task either. With effective WFH collaborations, it is easy to succeed from anywhere in the world. Remote teams can be just as productive when armed with the right tools to monitor effective workflows and thrive and lead in a modern, flexible workspace.

We have summed up some ways to make your remote teams more productive:

  • Flexible work hours for amplified productivity – Some like to burn the midnight oil, and some are early birds; despite the personal preferences, tracking performances ensure that the quality of performance remains the same – exceptional! So, its a win-win situation for both sides. 

Working on tasks and projects at their own pace helps better quality output than projects being jeopardized by monotony or burnouts. 

Moreover, while working with multiple time zones, though asynchronous, things still get done.

  • Being result-driven – Not just time but outcomes and value should be a metric for productivity as well. 

The current wave may come as an issue for the management for not being able to gauge the number of hours put in, but being equipped with the advanced technology remote working may be the new alternative to being physically present in the workspace. After all, quality outputs are more important than arbitrary processes.

  • Frequent reviews to ensure everyone is on the same page – Frequent checks help provide clarity and paves a definitive roadmap to advancements. Work transparency also helps in resolving and bridging workspace trust issues hence, increased and better engagement. This further goes a long way for free-flowing and better communication between employees, giving a sense of belonging and sharing insights.
  • Communication tools that allow a proper follow-up – It is essential not to let email overload and occupy the best and most productive hours of your meaningful endeavors. It only adds another task in their to-do list, which certainly can be done in a far convenient and handy way. Better team messengers allow efficient engagement, prompt turn around time, and constructive team communication.

With new techniques of work into play, it’s important to gauge that the tools still serves its purpose to the maximum. The Collaboration suites that seem to be most significant are the ones that bring all the aspects of working together under the same roof. 

At Flujo, we believe effective communication, advancing collaboration, and upscaled productivity go hand in hand to exceed expectations.

Also, for more insight into optimizing productivity and collaboration, take a look at our blogs.

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