How To Manage Your Calendar While WFH

by | Dec 28, 2020

Working from home has made every day look like someday, one day, another day, etc. while work remains the same, isn’t it?

With the changing times, managing your calendar has never been the same. While you juggle so many tasks, managing your schedule and your calendar is a task in itself.

Some tips that can help you ace the task:

1. The Schedule Outline

We all know sticky notes stuck on a refrigerator are no good. Being at home all by yourself doesn’t mean that you should be working alone without anyone’s help. An integrated and shared calendar with those you are working with goes a long way while working from home. 

Regardless of being continents away, mark out the meetings that are set to take place, and consider the time framework. Not necessarily when you are working, you don’t always work within the same time zone. Geographical boundaries have blurred long back and it’s a thing of the past to visit your colleagues or clients in-person to seal the deal.

While setting meetings, reminders, or working collectively with your team members who are hundreds of miles apart, the factor that holds the highest importance is considering their time zone. 

Most importantly, set a routine. Not just that works for you, but also the one that works for your team too. Remember compassion goes a long way while getting your heads together. Make a strong outline, so that you don’t have to end up canceling plans at the 11th hour.

Working together requires you to be on good terms with the person on the other side of the screen, you would definitely not want to wake them up at midnight. 

Handling your schedule with the help of techniques like the Pomodoro technique helps to chalk out an effective roadmap to productivity.

2. Set Boundaries 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Work should revolve around life and not the other way around.

Set a framework to take breaks on the weekends, to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. This will help you come back in a better mindset and with more productivity.

If you work 24/7, workdays will soon start to look like dread-filled days that no one would want to look forward to. So when you schedule appointments and meetings with everyone in the business, make some appointments with yourself and your loved ones too!

3. Take A “Big Picture” Look At Your Calendar

A lot of people take pride in having their calendars look like a mess and considering that having commitments stuffed in your days will lead to growth and scalability in your business. Sorry to break it to you, this might just be termed as being busy!

The start of your workday is spent racing against the clock and staring at multiple tools to catch up with the day’s deliverables. With Flujo’s today view, scan the plans for the day at a glance.

4. Keep A Finger On The Minuscule Time Wasted Every Day 

Tasks that occupy little time between your work schedules might creep in and no doubt they can’t be avoided. Tasks like these could only require a couple of minutes, but when the day ends and you look back at it, it becomes a couple of hours’ strong monster. Since there is nothing like going back in time, the only thing you are left with is regret about having done more than usual which could lead to more impact in the long run. 

Another massive impediment in the way of utilizing your precious time is procrastination. Procrastination is capable of crippling anyone on the planet with the need to put off tasks and work commitments for later and for no good reason.

5. Set Guidelines For Lengthy Projects and Long Meetings

Set meetings with gaps to catch your breath and prepare for the next meeting. Working from home can bring forth a lot of unexpected incidents that might take up your time and with no gaps, it will be chaos to jump right back into the meeting.

Tasks like going to the physician, an unexpected guest, or maybe a power outage could also bring work to a standstill.

Technical glitches could be yet another reason, that you’d require some time to solve them and get back on track. Setting hurried meetings and making your colleagues or clients wait until you get things done might just make them furious. Make sure when you send an invite, it’s done at the right time. Nobody would want their time wasted.

6. Color Coding The Calendar

Colors not only make lives beautiful but better and simpler too!

Texts could come across as a bit tedious, to sum up at one glance, whereas colors could depict things and visualize your day way more quickly. Dates filled with a certain color would denote more of that thing.

Colors could be used as:

  • Green for meetings
  • Blue for brainstorming sessions with your team
  • Red for reviews
  • And Yellow for the time you are taking off work

Too much of one color means you definitely need to reconsider making a few shifts to your calendar.

7. Learn To Say No 

How often did we hear people say – “This meeting could have been an email!”

Say no to meetings the agenda for which can be discussed as an email or a simple text message and save yourself some extra time. Cut down on the time for meetings if you feel that it has served its purpose and move on to another important task at hand. Small talks take you nowhere, encourage getting to the point as quickly as you can to save everyone’s time. 

Elon Musk said it best – Walk out of a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value. It is not rude to leave, it is rude to make someone stay and waste their time. Instead of meetings that don’t add value, use the time for reviews or tasks that have long been on the backburner.

Being at home gives you ample time, but that doesn’t mean that time should be wasted just by being online and working. 

It’s a no brainer that you know yourself way better than anyone else. If you usually unplug after 6 in the evening, stop setting even the tiniest work commitments after those timings. 

8. Set Reminders

To err is human, to forget is human too! Either of the sides forgetting an appointment or a meeting could inherently lead to the other person waiting and wasting their time. Sync your calendar to your devices like your smartphone or laptop so that the reminder can buzz you at the right time, wherever you are.

Flujo lets you set reminders not only for meetings and appointments but messages too! So that things get done at the right time and your schedule doesn’t go haywire.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let work overload invade your calendar by making space for them whenever and wherever possible.

Optimize your habits, keep procrastination at bay, fine-tune your routine and invest in a quality tool that is parallel to your workflows to make the most of your productive hours while working from home.

Happy Working!

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