Introducing Reminders — never let a message slip through the cracks

by | Aug 13, 2020

We understand that staying on top of your tasks and commitments requires a significant amount of planning and sometimes it needs a bit more than that. Losing track of a commitment we made over a phone call or in a team conversation, is something we all have been through at one point or the other and most of the time, all it takes is a nudge!

Presenting the all-new Reminders app to your workspace. Say goodbye to stickies and schedule a one-time or a recurring reminder about anything and leave the rest to tac.

Newly added reminder option to the Create menu.

Not just that, you also have the option of adding any chat message as a reminder.

You can learn more about all these features at our Help Center. Every feature on Flujo is carefully crafted to help you and your teams stay productive. Share your feedback with us by hitting on the little purple bubble you see on the bottom right of your screen or by tweeting @flujohq.

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