Introducing Topics- Streamline Your Team Discussions

by | Nov 23, 2020

With the daily ongoings, it is challenging to look for a solution every time there is an issue. Touching base with a different department while they already have so much on their plate is another thing to consider.

A centralized knowledge base in a firm can save time while looking for a solution. With Topics from Flujo, experts in the field having solved a particular problem can help other members by sharing the fix with the rest of the members. It can also serve also as a social intranet within the workspace to get the communication train going so that whatever you come across doesn’t seem poles apart to you.

With a focused discussion, we are certain that you’ll always have a significant takeaway.

How does it work?

Teams perform best when they work collectively for better qualitative discussions. When you share ideas, it leads to a productive, supportive, and more constructive work environment.

Flujo Topics allow you to share thoughtful insights and allows your ideas to be heard. You don’t need a meeting to get points and ideas across to share different perspectives and approaches. Neither do you need to organize a meeting to have strategic discussions when you have a partitioned place for discussions itself.

Ideas can be discussed and followed up on at one place rather than following up on group chats or other platforms. Topics allow you to take a step back, reflect on the input, and then add a comment without worrying about the conversation moving ahead before your input. Commenting on Topics enables the discussions to be in one place while eliminating the fear of conversations running ahead and losing sight of the conversation in long threads. With the already added comments, it’s easy to keep track of important takeaways from the discussions. 

Discussing certain Topics that upgrade and amplify the firm’s ideology helps to perform better. Along with harnessing collective thinking, making vertical growth possible, and improving the network within the firm. Here’s how Topics can help.

Discuss what matters most and replace instant messaging with Topics to enhance discussions.  

  • Segment Topics with different categories or create a custom category while creating a new Topic.
  • Create your own Topic and add content with a rich text editor.
  • Publish to everyone or @mention your team members who can comment on your Topic.
  • Use various reactions to appreciate any Topic.
  • Follow any Topic to get all the updates about the comments and reactions directly to the “My Feed” section.

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