Networking While Working From Home

by | Dec 3, 2020

Working at the comfort of your couch would sound amazing, but who do you turn to when things need comprehending a bit. With the “across the cubicle” talks long gone, it is a bit difficult to touch base with your colleagues regarding work issues. While your brainstorming partner is cooped up at home too, connecting with them too couldn’t be a much feasible option.

While the world is making the most unexpected shift, The quarantine period has brought with it increased feelings of the lonely challenge, hard to log off days and the lack of belonging.

But the commitment clashes that come with the personal and professional lines blurring are something to watch out for, regardless of where you are in your career. While human interactions have faded out, it has been replaced by unending social media scrolling and watching cat videos on youtube when not working.

Here’s how you not only end up in peoples DM’s to catch up with how they are doing, but also to do more than that.

Share Expertise with Value-Added Quality Content 

Those regular chitchats or workspace gossip can help you keep in touch, but you can help add value even while working in your PJs. Writing about how you improved your wfh routine or simply how you learned the curve will help others inculcate your insights into their work routine to make it more fruitful and manage time wisely.

An article, looking to hire a new employee, or a simple DIY, sharing your recent experience with a new tool or a merger. Posts that are thought-provoking and that persuade people to think outside the box tend to spread like wildfire on the internet. The further the post goes, the farther your name and credentials reach.

With various platforms available to share insights and views like Linkedin, it’s easy to share articles, videos, host webinars, podcasts, e-books, or programs to reach a larger audience at once. Moreover, look to build an online presence that allows you to be your authentic self and surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better.

Adding value further leads to better opportunities as they show up to people who offer significant skills to prospects who can benefit from. The skillset you display and showcase to your audience is bound to reach the right people, thanks to the infinite internet space. 

Tools that help you add value to people’s lives, position you as an expert in your industry, leading all the eyeballs to your and your firm’s name, and also be a great income stream too. It gives you an authority in the niche, depicting that you have in-depth knowledge about the things that you are talking about and it’s not total jargon.

Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find more people waiting to be a part of your network every time you log in. With having said this, the possibility of being able to connect with people across the globe is beyond interesting. 

Different Purpose, Different Channels.

The best way to leverage messager tools is not just to chat and solve the ongoings of the workspace, but also to discuss more casual stuff so that those watercooler chat sessions don’t remain untouched. With separate channels or groups in the app, it helps to converse about anything and everything with one app.

The term Teams is never bound to corporate chats, it could be anything that interests you and lets you connect with your colleagues on topics more than discussions, stats, and leads.

Create unlimited teams with Flujo and add your team members to it, so that conversations regardless of what they are about, continue in full swing.

Regardless of the benefits, messenger apps sometimes could be a bit difficult to get your hands away from. We recommend using these tools more wisely and not let them meddle with your productive and focused hours.

Hobby Time, Maybe?

Pursuing a hobby is not always about developing good habits and nurturing your creative side. You could end up with a completely new network that could end up adding more value to your life. Virtually interacting with like-minded people may also end up taking your career a leap forward too!

For example –  being a part of a book club or an online meditation/ yoga class are groundbreaking hobbies not only for your career but also to broaden your horizons. Or if you still don’t know what it is that would bring a sparkle to your life, there are plenty of options and ultimately you might just stumble at something interesting.

Create unlimited public and private teams for hobby groups like photography, painting, reading, etc in your Flujo Workspace. Making these public groups allow all those interested to join in and provide value and pave the way to mutual learning.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! 

Join Groups

Helps to enhance your careers by networking with like-minded people beyond our set boundaries. Social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin allow people to be a part of a community keeping the age factor outside the door.

Groups like these are often a gold mine in terms of the knowledge shared on a day to day basis. Such mediums help freelancers and small business owners a lot when it’s about networking with their prospective clients and marketing their products. These mediums might also help you easily connect with your colleagues who now live in another corner of the world. 

If marketing has always been your calling since you were a 20 something stepping out into the corporate arena, now is the time to follow those passions. Paving a new way into a new domain might just help you build another successful career. Who knows, you might as well just earn yourself an interesting job opportunity.

Rebuilding old relations?

Meet People, Virtually!

Resort to fewer emails and connecting moreover video calls. It’s difficult to recreate the same interactive environment with a screen in front of you while technology is still not able to replace the connection you feel with real-life interactions including facial expressions and changes in tone.

Arrange weekly meetings to catch up with fellow teammates, alumni, or old colleagues and share ideas with regards to new found interests and improved work schedules that actually work.

With meetings in Flujo, set-up video conference calls using integration like Jitsi & Google Meet. Generate instant conference links & share them with any of your colleagues or somebody from your network.

Volunteering can also turn out to be one of the most fulfilling ways to network with people with similar interests. Of course, conversing with people outside your workspace won’t hurt.

More Takeaways 

While working it is best to work at the same working hours as your colleagues, so the ongoing discussions train doesn’t march ahead without your inputs.

While doing that one also needs to make sure that they don’t go down the spiral of constantly being glued to their messenger waiting for a new update to light up their screens. Messengers should be kept limited to only serving the purpose of notifying the team member about the ongoings in the workspace while keeping productivity unwavered.

Happy Networking!!

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