New Kanbans- Visualize and Streamline Workflows Better

by | Nov 27, 2020

Plans laid out in the air tend to vanish in thin air as soon as they take off. A proper workflow management methodology is what it takes to always be connected to your vision and goals.

What better way than Kanbans to visually analyze and manage tasks? Usually, the traditional kanban consists of a whiteboard and sticky notes on it, while with the onset of many online modern-day kanban options, a lot of virtual tools have come up to make kanbans a virtual experience. With the lists and cards, it is easier to streamline processes and make things more efficient for members to understand.

The Kanban methodology helps to manage tasks at the individual, team, or organizational level and enables everyone in the workspace to be on the same page which turns out like a centralized repository for the entire team to review the process as it unfolds. Thus further paves the way to increased transparency. 

One of the biggest advantages of making workflows visual is that it reveals hindrances and bottlenecks while tracking tasks. 

While we bring Kanban boards to you to get things done efficiently on time, with our new updates, we have scaled the tool to new heights and made it an enhanced experience for users.

What’s new with the all-new Kanbans at Flujo?

More items on back of the card

Add new cards and follow up with ongoing activities on respective boards with the help of bot notifications. Assign cards to specific team members. Add attachments, checklists, tags, and links to what is required for the task to be done. Manage and add custom tags to earmark certain tasks. Add description regarding a certain task, and set a date to specify a certain due date, so that the assigned team member is clear when the task is due. When you assign cards to certain members of the team, you rest assured of the accountability factor. Hence, there are no confusions about the tasks.

Comments Section

Leave comments regarding the task on the same card, so that conversations are not all over the place, and they stay targeted to one specific task. So when there are discussions about particular tasks, the other team members aren’t left wondering about the context of the conversations.

Advanced search to find your cards

Filter and sieve the cards to quickly have your hands on what you are looking for. You can filter by any keyword, tags or member to find cards in a jiffy.

Follow a Board

You can now opt to follow any board you are interested in to get bot notifications from Tac about any activities happening on the board like when a new list or card is added, cards moved. Follow any board to be updated about all the happenings in it.

Limiting the cards & lists

Limit the number of cards to avoid piling up on unfinished tasks in one column. Limiting the no. of cards allows you to manage the flow and helps to get the tasks done faster. This helps to keep multitasking and switching tasks before they are finished. Indication of the number of cards on a list. So that you don’t bite more than you can chew.

Board Activities Log

While being updated about the activity on the board, the team is more responsive about the quick changes that the organization introduces to the team. Keep an eye on the string of activities.

Member Preferences

Choose if you would like to allow other members added to your board to be able to modify Lists or add any other members.

See all due cards on Calendar Today View

Manage the privacy of the cards

Manage the privacy of the board by making it public, private, or personal. This allows the details of your task to be well defined and published among the members of the team. Streamline who gets access.

How does it help?

Kanban boards help the project to be broken into chunks. The chunks of tasks set into cards help members focus on continuous improvements as workflows proceed in the stages ahead.

The Kanban methodology helps reduces time wastage as the tasks are broken down into chunks and the members can individually as well as collectively work on the workflows

The Kanban methodology leads to better visibility of tasks, flexibility in terms of due dates, and product descriptions as they can be altered as the process moves ahead. In the final stages, this helps for better predictability in terms of product deliverables.

Happy Working!

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