Our notes too just got sticky

by | Aug 17, 2020

Fiddling with pencils and sticky notes can be fun, losing them with something critical written on them certainly isn’t! Eureka moments, a quick list of todos, minutes of meetings, or those phone numbers and addresses you sometimes have to quickly jot down over a phone call; we’ve got a place for you to rest it all—we call it Flujo notes. 

Now create notes, instantly share them with anyone in your team and also organise them in folders with just a few clicks.

With our latest update, you can now minimise a note to continue using other apps in your workspace and also directly attach your notes to a meeting invite. 

A glimpse of Flujo notes home

Read this article to know more about attaching your notes to a meeting invite. 

You can learn more about all these features at our Help Center. Every feature on Flujo is carefully crafted to help you and your teams stay productive. Share your feedback with us by hitting on the little purple bubble you see on the bottom right of your screen or by tweeting @flujohq.

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