How Marketing Teams Can Use Flujo from Ideation to Execution

by | Nov 9, 2020

A lot goes into putting an ad or a campaign together. What we don’t see is the journey through which all of it comes into action. Along with hard work, what is important is the right tools. 

The scale with which a marketing agency or department operates results in the surge of intricacies in their daily operations. Below we take you through how marketing teams can use a team collaboration tool like Flujo to manage all your daily workflows.

Fluid Conversations With Messages

Group messaging and virtual teams like website management can be a boon. Coordinate with designers, writers, and developers on a shared team messaging channel.

Similarly, there could be a need for the customer success department to collaborate with the marketing team and the content creation team members to know what should be the plan of action to gain more leads and to increase sales. Bring all the relevant people together by creating Teams.

Call, Don’t Text! 

Get on quick calls with various departments like inbound marketing for regular reviews of campaigns or with the Product team to discuss what’s rolling out from their side.

Clarity is key for content marketing, writers, creatives, designers, and research. All these aspects need to be in line when working on a project. Get on a quick video call to discuss everything remotely and reach a common conclusion and take the project forward.

The usual calls thereby couldn’t serve the purpose because there is a need to share screens with the members of the meeting to display the contents and work on specific documents or projects together.

The Drive Where Nothing Gets Lost

We know there is no ceiling to the number of files when working with Clients. Save enormous files while also sharing them within departments like content creation and marketing.

More such data can be used for inbound marketing to generate leads.

Drive with an intelligent file management system is segmented as the conversations you have & teams you have created. A user interface like that can save you the time you spend rummaging through files and notes.

Kanbans To Track The Flow

Processes like keyword researching can be tedious and time-consuming. Quickly take it further to the writers and the content creation team while they are at the same place. 

Know when the keyword research is done and know when the campaigns are good to go, all from a glance at the Kanban board. Plan, visualize and execute anything from social media campaigns to editorial calendars with Kanban boards.

With the cards being updated, assigned, and moved forward, it’s easy to know when to take the task to the next level. So every team can come together, coordinate, and ponder over marketing strategies.

When an idea smoothly sails to planning and ahead in execution.

Share Insights

Share insights and topics regarding new marketing practices that you are adopting with your whole team. Make vertical growth possible.

Have multiple discussions at once with Topics, without getting overwhelmed or losing a sense of what’s been covered. You can come back to refer to it at any point in the future without scrolling through tonnes of conversations.

The current marketing and social media trends can be put into practice and can help increase traffic and ultimately generate more leads. Document all these ideas with Topics & harness collective thinking and implement those ideas into campaigns.

It is not just important to talk all about work. Have your own internal social intranet with Topics and be updated with what is trending inside your organization & engage in social discussions.

Notes And Other Productivity Add-Ons

With a lot going on in the day of a marketer, make sure you don’t lose bits and pieces of information taken on sticky notes or notepads. Quickly type down those crazy ideas or thoughts amid a meeting with Notes.

Make a note of data and previous records of email marketing sequences, performance reviews, and quarterly reports and share them with your teams.

Predetermined notes of product descriptions and the onboarding processes, when maintained in notes, will only require to be sent across to a new intern/hire to understand and will save the executives the time to explain and walk through the process from scratch.

Just how many times does a work chore escape your memory? The follow-up effect of which is definitely not desirable. Set reminders so that campaigns and workflows stop at nothing.

Messages are more likely to be forgotten in the daily buzz, recall those messages by reminders at the right time too. This ensures that the member is not waiting on the receiving end gambling away their time.

The today view gives a complete rundown of your entire day, be it meetings, reminders, to-do lists, or even birthdays. Needless to say, keeping up with all these aspects helps avoid delays in timelines and stalled projects.

Marketing firms bring your vision to life and if done with the right tools, it turns out to be an uncomplicated fuss-free process for the teams too.

Flujo provides a comprehensive solution and eases out the disorder. You can get more details of our features here. We are certain you’ll find something that takes a load of discord off your head.

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