The power of oneness now comes with greater control

by | Aug 18, 2020

“Do more without having to step out of your messenger”— Sounds familiar, isn’t it? With this update, the team at Flujo is taking the meaning of this line to a whole new level. 

It’s not that you could not connect your favorite third-party apps with Flujo earlier, with this update you will see the applications on our App Directory divided into 3 distinct groups.

  • Native Apps
  • Third-party apps
  • Advanced third-party apps 

Native Apps:

Native apps on our App Directory are designed, developed, and directly brought to you by the amazing engineers at Flujo. These apps are designed to deeply integrate with your Flujo messenger and offer a much seamless experience.

Third-party apps 

These are external applications that can be quickly integrated with your Flujo messenger and do not require any additional configuration other than essential steps like authentication. 

Eg: Google Drive, Jitsi, etc.

Read: Importing your files and folders from Google Drive

Advanced Third-party apps 

Certain third-party applications that are generally used by advanced users, require additional configurations at the time of installation. Such applications offer greater control over the information that is shared with your Flujo messenger. 

Workspace admins can control the flow of information by choosing appropriate options provided at the time of installation of such apps. The latest update puts a great deal of control in your hands. 

Here’s how:

  • Workspace admins can now choose to allow or deny the members from accessing or configuring such third-party applications from the App Directory.
  • Apps can be configured to send notifications to a user’s wall, an existing private team, or an entirely new team — created on the fly.
  • Owners can temporarily disable or permanently remove apps for the entire workspace. 
Third-party apps added to a team on Flujo

With the recent enhancements we’ve made to our team settings, Owners and Admins can however choose to pass on additional privileges to the members of Team.

Team members being allowed to add apps from team settings

Read more about the all-new member privileges in this article.

You can learn more about all these features at our Help Center. Every feature on Flujo is carefully crafted to help you and your teams stay productive. Share your feedback with us by hitting on the little purple bubble you see on the bottom right of your screen or by tweeting @flujohq.

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