Top Team Collaboration Tools

by | Nov 5, 2020

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Team collaboration is not just doing work collectively, but a unification of two schools of thought, ideas, skill sets, and action plans. While at the same time, people might have a different approach to working, with individual paces differing, it’s vital to move in tandem and be adaptable with the rest of the team.

This article takes a closer look at the top team collaboration tools that can amplify your teams’ productivity taking collaborations to the next level.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Flujo
  • Zoho Connect
  • Basecamp
  • Flock
  • Chanty
  • Google Chat

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular team collaboration tools, but with it comes the price point that might not be feasible for SMBs. Bring your team together with channels that come with many features like @mentions, and all-new conversations are created as a Posts with a reply option to keep conversations structured. Microsoft Teams lets you search any message or file through a universal search tab with multiple filtering criteria/options.

Microsoft Teams come in with instant calling, with an additional feature of scheduling a call, and Microsoft Teams offer an option of including around 250 participants. Microsoft Teams allows users to share the files in a channel in a team up to 15GB. Microsoft Teams come in with integrations like one drive, google drive, and few other cloud storage solutions to accommodate cloud storage.


  • The messenger is integrated with different sections as a tab like Files, Wikis, Notebook, or any other Office 365 suite app or a 3rd party app.
  • During the video call, all the participants can collaborate using a Whiteboard.
  • Create Kanban boards, with the Office 365 native app Planner, for any channels and assign tasks with specifics like due dates, checklists, and attachment (Only in paid plan).
  • External collaboration can be done in two ways: External Access & Guest Access.


Pricing (per user per month)$0 $5$12.5$20
Unlimited chat messages and searchYesYesYesYes
Audio and video calls with screen sharingYesYesYesYes
Meeting RecordingYesYesYes
File-sharing within teams and channels per organization10GB1TB1TB1TB
Maximum users500k300300500k
Web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPointYesYesYesYes
Desktop versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and PublisherYesYes
Exchange email hosting with custom email domain addressYesYesYes

2. Flujo

Flujo is a communication and collaboration suite for teams. Communicate one-on-one with teammates or create public/private teams to have topic/project-specific discussions. File sharing and management are made easy with natively built drive deeply integrated with Messenger. Each user gets 100 GB of drive space (in paid plan) and is shareable between team members. Schedule meetings & manage your day with a native calendar.

There are many productivity tools like Notes, Reminders, To-dos. Take quick notes and share them with any team member or team or download it as a PDF. Set reminders on any message and create a to-do list for the day. On top of all these, create kanban boards to manage & track your projects and workflows. Know more about all the features here.


  • “Today” view in the native calendar to show all your meetings, reminders, kanban cards due, birthdays for the day.
  • Workplace bot brings all the notifications, updates, alerts & reminders to one single place called MyWall.
  • In Kanban Board, assign cards to team members with due dates. Add custom tags to cards—filter with tags & members.
  • Follow any Kanban Board to get all updates from the board when a card is moved or updated.
  • Workspace administration made easy with User Management and Roles & Permissions.
  • Integrations with Bitbucket, Jenkins, Github, Unsplash, GMeet, Zapier (coming soon).


$0 user/monthAnnually: $3 user/monthMonthly: $6 user/month
– Unlimited Conversation & Message History
– Group Video Calls with Jitsi & GMeet 
– 10 users & 10 guests
– 10 GB drive space per user
– Unlimited Notes
– 10 kanban boards/user
– Unlimited Conversation & Message History.
– Group Video Calls with Jitsi & GMeet.
– Single & Multi-team Guest
– 100 GB drive space per user
– Unlimited Notes, kanban boards
– Multiple Workspaces (coming soon)
– SAML based single sign-on (coming soon)

3. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is part of the Zoho Office Suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management, project management, invoicing, and other applications.

It has Public & Private groups to have conversations, which are Post type where other members can reply. All the updates like @mentions, announcements, polls, and different sections like updates from a Forum topic you follow are brought onto your own Feed. Manuals let you create wiki-style documents for documenting processes in your organization. Assign tasks to your teammates made easy with due date & set priority. You can view this in kanban style to visualize them better. Create events & view them on your calendar.


  • Forums provide a platform to have topic-focused discussions where everyone from your team can contribute.
  • Town Hall lets you have company-wide virtual management meetings where you can add panelists who can answer the questions posted by the audience participating.
  • Multiple themes to customize the look.
  • Integrations with 12 other Zoho apps & 11 3rd party apps, including Zapier.


FreemiumExternal Network
FreeINR 6000/month
– 25 users, 3 Groups
– 3 Custom Apps
– 3 Boards, 3 Manuals
– 10 Integrations
– Channels
– Events & Forums
– Unlimited public & private groups
– Unlimited integrations
– File storage of 200 GB per network
– Unlimited guests
– Events & Forums
– Tasks & Boards

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management and communication tool. It is designed around the idea of asynchronous communication. It is structured to create Teams & Projects. In the paid plan, unlimited teams & projects can be created, and one can pin them to access them at the top. Conversations with team members can be made on the Messageboard in Post form, where all other team members can reply to it. With to-do, you can assign tasks to team members & assign due dates. Add events or meetings under schedule and view them on the shared calendar. All the files to be shared with your team or in a project can be added to the files section.


  • Inside every Team & Projects, there are different tools like Message board, To-do, Scheduler, Docs & Files, Group chat, Automatic Check-ins.
  • All the daily check-ins with your team can be scheduled as questions with required repeat options like daily, weekly, or monthly at select.
  • Invite clients and control what they see and can access.
  • Forward emails to any team or project by sending them to their unique email IDs.
  • 60+ app integrations including Zapier.


$0 user/month$99 per month
– 20 users
– 3 Projects
– 1 GB storage space
– Unlimited users
– Unlimited Projects
– Unlimited Clients
– 500 GB storage space

5. Flock

Flock is a communication platform. Bring the team together with Public & Private channels with @mentions & rich text editor. The right sidebar has all channels & in the left sidebar, you can access search, files, to-dos, reminders, notes. In calling, Free Plan: You can only have 1-1 Video calls with a 20 min duration per call & in Pro & Enterprise plan: unlimited group calls with up to 20 members on a call with no time limit. Your teammate will receive an alert to join the call in messenger & a new window will launch with a live video feed. You can choose to start the call with a recording or without. Only instant calls are possible. Filter or search based on the Sender (From) and the Conversation in which it was posted. Create to-dos in channels with assignee & due date.


  • Create reminders with slash command or on any message from a channel
  • Send Voice messages from the Mobile app.
  • Create notes & share notes.
  • Create polls in any channel.
  • The built-in Process Automation module helps you automate any process in your organization, even the most complex multi-department and repetitive processes.
  • 40+ third-party app integrations.


Free foreverAnnually: INR 199 user/month
Monthly: INR 249 user/month
Annually: INR 349 user/month
Monthly: INR 449 user/month
– 10,000 Searchable messages
– 10 Public channels
– 5 GB total per team
– Single team admin
– 1:1 Video calls
– Unlimited Searchable messages
– 10GB storage per member
– 1:1 A/V Calls
– Group A/V calls
– Screen sharing
– 3:1 Guest per member
– Unlimited Searchable messages
– Unlimited Channels
– 20GB storage per member
– Group A/V calls
– Screen Sharing
– Single Sign-On

6. Chanty

Messenger has different sections: DMs and channels. Communicate with your team members with One-on-one conversations or create Public & Private team conversations with @mentions & thread creation. You can also have video calls with any member & Group (up to 35 members) voice and video calls with screen sharing option.

File-sharing can be done with channels. All the files shared with the channel can be assessed from the menu inside that particular channel. User management with Permissions & Roles is effortless to easy for administration.


  • Send Voice messages in a channel.
  • Create new tasks from scratch in messenger or turn any message into a task with an assignee.
  • View all tasks in the kanban view. Add Priority, Due date & Status on each task.
  • Switch to a Dark theme.
  • Up to 20 third-party app integrations.


$0 user/monthAnnually: $3 user/month
Monthly: $4 user/month
– Unlimited Conversation
– 1:1 Audio Calls & Message History
– No Video calls or screen sharing
– Up to 10 users
– 20GB per team storage
– Unlimited Conversation
– Unlimited Message History
– 1:1 & Group Video call, screen sharing
– 3:1 Guest per member
– 20GB per user storage

7. Google Chat

Hangout is one of the first messaging & calling apps to be launched. Google recently launched Google Chat as a successor to Hangouts, which is free for all Google suite users. It has Chat for a one-on-one conversation in an instant messaging style. This is just like old Hangouts. Also, you can create Room and add members to have conversations. Here conversations are in thread style where you reply to a particular thread. 

Attach any file from your Google Drive to any conversation or start a Google Meet call anytime. You can add a bot to integrate 3rd party apps to any message or room to get the latest updates from them. Search any old conversation by filtering members, @mentioned, or based on file types.


  • Follow any thread to get the latest reply at the bottom.
  • Google Drive & Google Meet are ever-present in the new conversation text box.
  • Mute notification & control notifications for Push, Mobile & Email.


While the team messenger app scenario gets crowded by the day, some apps come in with more than just messaging, enhancing the user experience, and adding more value to the workflows. This can enable teams to outperform by getting in touch with their colleagues and expanding further to more productivity tools and even task management.

To make the most of collaborations, investing in team collaboration apps and software can prove worth the investment and change the way collaborations are steered. 

Get a single tool to manage all your daily workflows. Achieve this in a jiffy with Flujo. You can know more about all our features in detail here.

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