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by | Mar 18, 2020

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, managing a team remotely has never been this critical before. It takes more than a pandemic to slow down teams that can effectively communicate. From a workplace messenger in 2018 to a full-fledged enterprise-ready communication and collaboration suite today, we have come a long way. We designed flujo because we realize the challenges of managing remote teams and we have seen how companies who overcome them and engage their remote employees with new and innovative methods go a long way — as we did.

We take pride in the fact that flujo is built by a remote team for remote teams across the globe to efficiently communicate and collaborate.

Managing remote teams can be overwhelming when you don’t have the right set of tools in place and if the ones you do have are scattered across multiple business solutions, it only leads your teams towards disorganization.

In times of uncalled crisis like this one, Flujo makes it easier for you and your teams to communicate instantly with each other using direct or group chats, share files on the drive, schedule meetings on the native calendar, keep a track of workflows using kanbans, get on a quick audio/video meetings, instantly share screens for remote presentations and more — from a single remote tools app. This can do wonders for your productivity and can be a solution to your disorganization & WFH issues.

Our aim is to turn workplaces around the globe into more connected and productive spaces and it’s only users like you, who can help us achieve this aim.

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What is flujo?

Flujo is a next-generation workspace collaboration suite designed to transform the way teams communicate and collaborate. Flujo takes your company’s internal communication locus to a whole new level with a powerful messenger that is deeply integrated with a native Drive, Calendar, Notes, Kanbans, and Audio-Video meetings — all from a single space.


A powerful team messenger built to replace the practice of email communication within your organization. With our messenger, you can

  • Get on 1-on-1 chat with anyone within your organization.
  • Create any number of teams, share files and invite guest users for seamless communication.
  • Create threads and star important messages.
  • Get on instant Audio/Video meetings with your teammates while also sharing your screen for remote presentations.
  • Let intelligent bots do the running around for you and bring important notifications from your favorite third-party apps, directly to your messenger.
  • Share files on your flujo drive with your colleagues without leaving a conversation.
  • Added features like @mentions, rich-text formatting, quick access to team drive files, etc. and more


Create and Collaborate without any limits with a native drive that offers 100GB of storage per user. With our Drive, you can –

  • Quickly upload and share any number of files and folders, with your teammates.
  • Automatically manage and group all your uploaded files and folders on the drive.
  • Import files from your Google Drive with just a click of a button.
  • Borrow space from a teammate when you run out of storage and more.


Never miss a meeting again with our all-new native calendar — powered by flujo bot. With our Calendar, you can –

  • Quickly create, update or cancel a meeting.
  • Instantly create, update or cancel a Task.
  • Have a quick glance at all the meetings on a given day without having to open the calendar, with Flujo bot acting as your executive assistant.
  • Instantly view all the past activities by your teammates on any scheduled meeting on your calendar.


Plan, Visualise and Execute your workflows with Kanban. With an agile practice like Kanban in place, you will never miss a project deadline again. With Kanbans on flujo, you can –

  • Stay on top of your deliverables by efficiently managing your WIP.
  • Set due dates and assign individual tasks to anyone within your team
  • Instantly view all the past activities by your teammates on any Kanban board.


Use Notes on flujo to capture a quick thought or minutes of a meeting, create checklists and more. All your notes on flujo are automatically saved while you’re editing them — unlike a desktop note-taking app, you never stand the risk of accidentally losing a quickly taken note. Unless of course, you choose to delete one.

With our notes, you can –

  • Quickly create, edit and preview your notes.
  • Add images and rich formatting with ease.
  • Quickly share your notes with anyone within your workspace.
  • Organize your notes in folders.

FLUJO App directory

Unleash the power of oneness with our Integrations. Do more without having to move out of an existing window, now with your favorite apps connected with flujo messenger.

With dozens of integrations in the pipeline, flujo currently offers the following integrations.

  • Unsplash
  • Google Drive
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • Github

Workspace Administration

A workspace on flujo essentially represents your entire organization. Workspace is where all your individual team members and guests communicate and collaborate.

The first account created with flujo using an email address with your organization’s domain is designated as the Workspace Owner for your organization, by default. A workspace owner can then designate any number of additional owners or pass-on the ownership to someone else within the organization.

As a workspace owner, you will be able to –

  • Access the settings, configurations, permissions for an entire workspace.
  • Set roles-based access policies for your entire workspace
  • Manage enterprise-level settings like access, security, storage, payments & billing policies, etc for your workspace

Further, monitor and modify configurations at a workspace level using administrative settings like the following:

Profile Settings– Manage the identity of your workspace.

User Management– Add, remove, deactivate and control the access permissions of any user within your workspace.

Guest Directory– Invite, revoke or enable access to your workspace of any guest user.

Roles & Workspace Level Preferences – Control the access based permissions for Admins and Members

Analytics – Access detailed reports of your entire workspace’s activities with a single click.

Mobile Apps

Now make important decisions on the go with flujo’s Android and iOS apps.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with flujo for free today!

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